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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Working in a region that finds itself surrounded with Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, our team at Vintage Services Australia enjoys the opportunity to work with different varietals of grapes that are not indigenous to the region, let alone the country!

The past 15 years has seen a boom in what has become known as 'alternative' red varietals yet these are becoming more mainstream in terms of wine production. Punters now think nothing of wandering into a wine bar/bottleshop and purchasing a bottle of Sangiovese, a glass of Tempranillo or any of the varietals that have thrived for hundreds of years in countries such as Italy, Spain, France or even Greece.

In the past week, we have finished processing Glenwillow's Barberba and Nebbiolo and Stevens Brook Estate Sangiovese.  These are all traditional Italian varietals having their origins in some the oldest wine producing regions in the world including Piedmont and Tuscany, yet now finding new homes on Australian soil.

Barbera generally prefers a warmer climate and when young is a very versatile wine. Plenty of juicy red fruit, low tannin levels  it is certainly a food friendly wine. Often red wine can be hard to match with tomato based dishes yet this sits nicely with tomato and herb pasta or even mushroom risotto.

Nebbiolo, often referred to as the noble grape of Italy, produces the famed Barolo wines. However, it can be quite difficult to grow and nurture and quite often needs bottle time to show its true characteristics.  Quite bold and upfront when young with dark fruit and tobacco notes, ageing will bring out it's true elegance.

Sangiovese, the pride of Tuscany is one of the better know Italian varietals yet deserves more respect than often being referred to as a 'pizza' wine. When young, there is often cherry and red fruit flavours along with some spicy notes. Careful use of oak brings out certain rustic almost earthy notes producing a more savoury style of wine. Try with a charcuterie board full of cured and smoked meats.

Although all displaying completely different characteristics these grapes have certainly found themselves at home on Australian soil and we find ourselves fortunate to be working with them. So next time you walk into a bar, think about trying something different and further exploring the wonderful world of wine.

Vintage Services Winemaker Andy completes vintage at Tisdall's Winery

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Whilst we have been flat out at the winery looking after crushing, ferments, bottling and the like, our cool cat winemaker Andy has been looking after vintage at Tisdalls Winery in Echuca. A huge success, we look forward to tasting the results!



Vintage Services - Another Successful Bottling Line!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Well that's another day of successful bottling for Vintage Services Australia. This latest line includes a selection of red varietals from  different vintages from wineries such as The Carriages Vineyard, Cornella RidgeMichelini Wines and Bowman Wines.

Andy Kotlarz, who spent vintage in Poland over the Australian spring is currently working around the clock at Tisdall Wines as Chief Winemaker, ensuring everything is under control, crushing fruit madly as it comes in and we can except another fantastic range of wines.

More picking/crushing to come this week, let's just keep the rain away!

Stay tuned for more vintage news and feel free to give us a call/email if you have any queries regarding vintage - always happy to help!

Vintage Services & Flextank, Another Successful Seminar

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Vintage Services Australia hosted yet another successful seminar yesterday in conjunction with Flextank, producers of Flexcube and a range of oak technology including BarriQ and Biose. Over 15 winemakers and viticulturists were involved in discovering how these products and technologies can be applied to their various wineries and wines produced.

Flextank’s Geoff Shenfield, National Sales Manager and Anne-Claire Lelievre, Marketing Manager presented the benefits of these products and how they can help all wineries from micro to large scale ventures and help produce quality wines at all price points.

This was followed by an extensive and detailed tasting of wines from different wineries across Australia that utilise the Flextank technology. Some wineries that already actively use and/or are testing the products are Irvine, Tim Adams, Wirra WirraYering Station along with regional wineries including Curly Flat and Plunkett Fowles, both of whom were in attendance.  Andrew Kotlarz also presented yet to be released wines produced by Vintage Services from the award winning Glenwillow Vineyard.


Vintage Services will be hosting more seminars and tastings in the coming months. If you would like to be notified of these events, send us an email and we will be happy to add you to our mailing list.

To find out more about Flextank and their ranges of products, click on the link below: 
Click below to read the article that appeared in The Age in July this year to find out where industry experts think the wine world is heading:

Bumper Vintage at Adoria Vineyard

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Dzień dobry or Good Morning to the folks at home in Australia.

Well, vintage is nearly complete at Adoria Vineyard with a little winery work to be completed and then it will nearly time to return to Vintage Services Australia.

Adoria's vintage in 2011 had a bumper harvest with 4500 litres of juice obtained. The condition of the fruit was quite good with isolated botrytis infection. Sprays that control botrytis are prohibited in Poland, but fortunately, the ban will be lifted as of next season. Just before commencement of picking, a massive hoarfrost burnt the entire canopy, with not one leaf spared!

Below, I am with Yan, Adoria's Vineyard Manager, loading the crusher the old fashioned way! 

Click here to view more photos at our Facebook page and don't forget to join us on Twitter!

Adoria Riesling Specifications:
pH 3.18
TA 8.8 g/Lt
Brix 21


Andy and the team at Adoria Vineyard!

Can American Oak taste like French Oak?

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Find the answer with Vintage Services Australia and Seguin Moreau, who will be presenting a wine tasting and seminar. Seguin Moreau are a French owned cooperage who continue to enrich and modernise almost two centuries of tradition whilst embracing new technology to further develop tools for vinification.

Chris Hansen, Sales Manager of Seguin Moreau’s Napa Cooperage and Graeme Little from Seguin Moreau, Australia will be presenting and hosting a series of structured wine tastings. This will include trial wines from their American Oak Icone range (more information below), other trial wines, and finishing with a tasting of finished wines and a light afternoon tea.

Seguin Moreau have two versions of the American Oak Icone Barrel. A low impact version and a high impact version.

 The Low Impact Icone barrel shows less aggressive American Oak aromatic impact with lower coconut/vanillin aromas.  On palate, it really respects the fruit more with enhanced fruit concentration.  Tannin levels are very soft when compared to our regular classic barrel.  Winemaker’s comments were less planky AO, less aggressive tones and really respects the fruit more. 

 The High Impact Icone Barrel has high American oak characters, high vanillin characters, sweet aromas but also with good tannin levels. With the High Impact Icone it’s like taking our classic American Oak and dialling it up past 10.  You get big aromatics of vanillin and sweet aromas.  The tannins are very big and chewy.  So it’s big aromatics and big impact.   People using this want more bang for your buck or like really powerful American barrels. 

When: Tuesday 15th November

Where: Bendigo Regional Institute Tafe - Library Seminar Room. Hargreaves Street Bendigo.

Time: 3pm

RSVP: Email

Snapshots from Adoria Vineyard in Zachowice, Poland

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

G'day or 'Dobre po południu' for my Polish friends.

Check out the pictures of the Adoria Vineyard where I am currently completing vintage with some fantastic people including Yan, the Vineyard Manager who can be seen in some of the pics!

Just click here to follow the link to our Facebook Page to see all the images. Remember to like Vintage Services and that you can now follow us on Twitter.

The image below is of particular interest as the Adoira Vineyard was planted on the site of a World War 2 German trench defence of the city of Wroclaw. Note how the fenceline has a zig zag pattern that followed the original out of the trench.

Cheers for now,


A Taste of New Technology

Monday, October 24, 2011

Vintage Services Australia in conjunction with Flexcube present:

A Taste of New Technology

DISCOVER, UNDERSTAND and EXPERIENCE the proven Flexcube Technology for wine maturation. With 9 years in the market, Flexcube is used in over 700 wineries in 12 different countries and has proven to REDUCE costs by 70% without compromising the quality of your wines.

LISTEN to a local winemaker about his experiences using Flexcube and how it has changed his business. Includes EXTENSIVE wine tasting.

22nd November 2011
Seminar: 9am -1pm, Lunch 1pm-2pm. Cost: $20
Bendigo Regional Institute Tafe (BRIT), McRae Street Bendigo.

With limited places, contact VSA to reserve your place now.



Andrew arriving at Adoria Vineyard, Poland

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A decade has passed with wine being exported from Australia under the catch cry of “wines from the new world”. After 25 hours in the air I arrived at Warsaw airport on my way to Zachowice 25 km from Wroclaw in South West Poland, the site of Adoria Vineyard.

A boutique winery by Australian standards, in 6 years from when the first wines were planted, Adoria can lay claim in a region of Europe not famous for wine as “new wines from the old world”.

In a country where there is any amount of vodka for under $10 and beer cheaper than coke, the owner Mike Whitney after investigating 300 possible sites settled on the present site to plant a vineyard comprising of Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Noir and a local white variety called Bacchus.

Along with a purpose built winery, Mike has under taken an extraordinary journey not only to develop the Adoria brand but also to negotiate his way through Polish bureaucracy not geared to the production of wine. For example Adoria is one of only 6 producers to meet the current criteria to be able to produce and sell table wine under the national wine laws of Poland. In addition Adoria has the only current licence to be able to purchase grapes from other growers and currently they are locked in discussions with government authorities in an attempt to raise the allowed level of waste from grape processing from 4% to a more realistic level.   

Poland Beware Andrew is in the Air

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Andrew has left the building!  As I write he is aboard an A380 winging his way via Singapore and Helsinki to the Aidora Vineyard to work his magic in his Polish homeland.  Andrew will keep us up to date with his activities via this blog.  Can't wait, wonder what his country men will think when the dynamo Aussie Pole hits?

Stay tuned!

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